The Iowa/Hungary Project
The Iowa/Hungary Percussion Project was founded by Matthew Andreini (Iowa) and Gabor Palotas (Hungary) to create and perform new music for percussion duo. Founded in 2013, the project serves as a cultural exchange for Iowan and Hungarian musicians, focused on creating a working relationship between composers and performers.  In 2013, the duo collaborated with three Iowan composers, Jeffrey Dennis Smith, Matthew Coley, and Sandy Nordahl; and three hungarian composers: Dr. Gyula Csapo, Dr. Miklos Maros, and Csaba Zoltan Marjan.  The result was an exciting and varied program of repertoire for duo.  

The percussion duo or Matthew Andreini and Gabor Palotas performed two tours performing these pieces. Andreini and Palotas performed and gave masterclasses to students and audiences in Budapest, Miskolc, and Kecskemet, Hungary during May and June of 2013.  In August and September, Matthew and Gabor toured Iowa performing in Ames, Cedar Falls, and Burlington. 

The duo has continued performing these works and additional commissions, including performances at the Iowa Days of Percussion and the Iowa Composers Forum.   The project has been enjoyed wide success and is currently working with new composers and organizing performances for 2016.   

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LIVE: A Sonic Experience

In the age of modern technology, music has become easily accessible with the click of a button. While this allows us to explore with ease, it is easy to forget the personal experience that attending a concert may offer.  LIVE is an “art music” experience which aims to highlight the elements of live performance which cannot be captured through recording, placing an emphasis on the experience for audience members.  The music integrates acoustic instruments with technology as well as visual, spatial and tactile elements in unique ways creating an immersive sonic experience which rewards participatory listening! Coming in Spring of 2020!